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Here are some FREE gifts for you to share with your little ones.  Our way of saying thank you for staying home and staying safe!

We hope you enjoy the Jolly Jangle Experience!

Please click on the book cover to download your e-Book.

Jolly Jangles Games - print out the Christmas maze so that you can work out how to get to the goodies! Jolly Jangles Christmas Hats - print this out, colour it in, then work out whose hat is whose! Have some fun with this Christmas word search and see if you can also find the names of the Jolly Jangles.

The Jolly Jangle Christmas Maze

The Jolly Jangles Christmas Hats

The Jolly Jangles Christmas Word Search

How many of the Christmas words can you find?  Print out the word search and share it with some of your friends to see how many you can find.  There’s some extra words in there too, a few of the Jolly Jangles names?

Rudy's Lost His Red Nose V1 Reduced Size.pdf

The children’s games - please select the game and download to your device then you can save and print as many times as you like!

Christmas Baubles to download and save, colour in and cutout, stick to cardboard and hang on the tree!

Have fun with these Christmas Baubles

Print off two sheets, colour both of them in, stick them on either side of some cardboard and hang them on the Christmas Tree.

Add some glitter to make them twinkle!

Take a look at our Christmas Jolly Jangle Masks

Select your favourite Jolly Jangle, download to your device and print on some card.  Colour it in either copying the picture or using your own colours, cut carefully around the mask and the eyes, attach thin elastic cord to each side of the mask.

These are certain to be family favourites this Christmas!

Who’s your favourite?

The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Autumn The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Blossom The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Breeze The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Flutterby The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Naughty The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Podge The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Rainbow The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Scruff The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Snowflake The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Splosh The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Sunset The Jolly Jangles Christmas Masks - Sunshine

Did you get to see our first Edition ‘Meet the Jolly Jangles’?

It’s still not too late to get your copy in time for Christmas.

First Edition 'Meet the Jolly Jangles' 48 pages of full colour vibrant images and rhyming stories!

Marilyn and the Jolly Jangles would like to wish you all a very Jolly Christmas!

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Have fun and enjoy being part of the Jolly Jangle Experience!